The Style Department is the vibrant heart of the company, where the Fendi “dream” becomes reality. The Division includes a team of creative artists and designers of leather goods, fur, footwear, accessories and women’s and men’s clothing who bring Fendi creations to life.

The Product Manager is responsible for managing the product lines falling under his or her cross-sector competence and represents the “strategic” side of creativity. The Product Manager’s activities are performed with a profound knowledge of the market and its current and future needs, as well as the detailed performance of the individual lines and markets. They include planning and coordinating the various company teams that contribute to the creation of all the Fendi product categories.

The work consists of a constant search for materials, forms and processing methods which are transformed from an original design into the reality of Fendi products through a continuos exchange between the Modelling Departments, thereby allowing the transformation of the dream into reality.