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Client Advisor



Intitulé du poste:

Client Advisor

Fonction du poste:


Expérience professionnelle:

Minimum 3 ans



Type de contact:



As a FENDI Ambassador you are expected to provide an extraordinary and luxurious experience to the clients, through the promotion of FENDI history, craftmanship, quality of materials and creativity.

Job responsibilities:

Sales Performance

  • Be accountable for one’s sales performance, engaging in upselling, cross selling and multiple selling for all product categories
  • Deliver a compelling sales ceremony through effective story-telling, utilizing the correct product and brand knowledge to persuade customers.
  • Ensures consistency in achieving the KPIs assigned, including but not limited to sales target, core category sales target, NPS etc.

Client Management

  • Identify customer needs correctly, making meaningful and insightful recommendations, whilst going above and beyond in terms of customer service expectation, anticipating clients needs where possible.
  • Deploy the appropriate CRM tools, to develop and nurture existing relationships, properly strengthening client’s loyalty and interest for the brand.

Store Operations

  • Be able to correctly operate the Inventory management system, in all areas relating to stock transfer, payment, stock inquiry and customer database input
  • Perform store duties as assigned by team leaders and management
  • Work as a team to achieve store operation objectives, identify operational gaps and suggest improvements where appropriate and applicable.


Store Management

  • Maintain inventory accuracy by properly receive, display and store merchandise according to company guidelines (if shop without a backroom stock assistance)

Store Maintenance

  • Maintain a safe and clean store environment and implement daily housekeeping duties
  • Maintain proper visual merchandising according to company guidelines.



  • Minimum 2 years of related experience in Fashion/High End Luxury industry
  • Good grooming standard
  • Good communication and accurate articulation to facilitate effective communication with clients and colleagues.
  • Passionate in fashion and luxury, willing to work non-traditional working hours.
  • Prior operational knowledge in retail management system is advantageous.
  • Has a strong and consistent client development mindset, willing to go the extra mile to provide stellar service.
  • Effective time and task management, able to plan and prioritize work accordingly to ensure timely and optimal achievement of objectives.
  • Strong sense of accountability and commitment, able to work effectively and collaboratively within a team
  • Receptive to internalizing constructive feedback, improving oneself.
  • Suggest reasonable and actionable improvements in workplace practice where applicable and appropriate.

Additional information:

Fendi is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in Rome. Since 1925, the year in which it was founded, Fendi has linked its success, its image, its quality, and the glamour of its products to a dual element: a delicate and precious equilibrium between tradition and modernity, the desire to preserve the values of the past and the courage to dare, innovate and astound.


Fendi provide equal employment opportunities and welcome applications from all qualified candidates. We are committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion. Our objective is to attract and retain individuals with core business skills and encourage internal mobility to leverage skills most effectively, accelerate professional growth and promote inter-cultural exchange. Our successes – both past, present and those to come – are all down to our people. We look for creative, curious, passionate and open-minded people with a desire to embrace Fendi’s culture and values.

Additional information for internal candidate: